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All forms are in Acrobat PDF format.
To read, view and print the forms you must have the most recent Acrobat Reader.
Download Acrobat Reader for free here:

Disclosure Forms
Certificate of Disclosure of Corporation - This form is used to name the Officers, Directors, and Stockholders of a corporation.
Certificate of Disclosure of Partnership - Lists names, address, and type of partners and principal place of business.

DOA Inspection Request Form
Request to inspect and/or copy records from the Public Records of the Department of Administration.

License Approval Forms
This series of forms are to be used when petitioning the State Properties Committee for conceptual or final approval of state property purchases or leases.

(Conceptual & Final)

(Conceptual & Final)

(Conceptual & Final)


Conflict of Interest Certificate
This form has been created as required by Rhode Island General Laws 1956 (1990 Reenactment) 37-6-7.
Lease Request Form PM-1 - This form is used to verify funding for the project. This form must be accompied by a letter from the appropriate agency's director.



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